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Jasmine Sinclair

देश: United Kingdom

जन्म: 1984-10-02

आंख: Blue

बाल: Blonde

ऊंचाई: 163 cm

वजन: 48 kg

स्तन: Fake

विचारों: 1.2K

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Jasmine Sinclair is a glamour model and a bondage model based in Kent, England. She has featured in a large number of publications including The Sun, News of the World and The Daily Sport newspapers, Playboy magazine, Toni and Guy Magazine, Loaded Magazine, Nuts Magazine, Zoo Magazine, Ann Summers Catalogue, REVS Magazine and Maxpower Magazine. Jasmine has won the Signy Award for Best Bondage Model in 2003 and the silver medal (2nd place) in the "Best Bondage Model" category at the 2008 Bondage Awards. She regained the title of "Best Bondage Model" after a 6 year wait, by winning the Gold Medal at the 2009 Bondage Awards. In 2006 Jasmine became a Playboy UK CyberGirl.

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